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Foshan PEDEL hardware and building materials co., LTD. Is a hardware products, stainless steel rotating stairs, steel wooden stairs, stair railings accessories, stainless steel balustrades, copper flower guardrails, aluminum guardrails, villas courtyard doors, screens, columns and other hardware architectural decoration products design production and processing companies.
The staircase of all sorts of styles that produce is given priority to with contemporary and contracted style,PEDEL protect steel wooden stairs to express design concept with contemporary individuation, distinctive vision normally, interpret Chinese culture element with brand-new visual communication. "Contemporary", "cultural", "artistic" co-melting, symbiosis, as a design for space expression. Seek inspiration of design from the common and collision between tradition and present; The nature of design is pursued in the intersection and harmony of art and life. The spiritual appeal of design culture is found in the combination of historical memory fragments and current thoughts.
Has contemporary feeling extremely steel frame structure, with the traditional wooden pedal, transparent toughened glass, and the spatial structure of the building form an organic whole, the stairs by powerful line of modern design, full of the spirit of joy, pleasure and possibility, stair railing not only functional, innovative and elegant appearance of the products, will also present a blend of classic elegance and modern design. Stainless steel stair, glass stair and so on own unique design style, and always with fashionable tide synchronism, devote oneself to the owner that serves Chinese luxurious private residence to attend a meeting, pay attention to hold current tide, interpret tide with original means. With its unique and recognizable own style, unique! Uphold a sincere respect and serious attitude, the concept of meticulous, patient, and indomitable spirit, with a powerful and unconstrained style unique design method and interior for household adds a personalized color, and the classical and experimental style together, create unexpected new products constantly, more use of steel and wood staircase, glass stair, steel structure is given priority to, stairs accords with contemporary and contracted decorate a style, of steel keel, matched with wooden pedal or pedal toughened glass or stainless steel pedal pedal or marble, etc. Handrails can be solid wood, stainless steel tube, guardrails with glass or stainless steel decoration, symbol of modern aesthetic concept.
It is mainly sold to United States, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka, the seychelles and other countries.If you are interested in our products, know more about them, or need our products, please send an email to
{pedelbuilding@gmail.com}, we will reply you as soon as we receive them, looking forward to your reply.

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